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Garlic Slicer

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Garlic Slicer

Product description

Garlic is a common side dish with high nutritional value and health function, which is very popular and loved by everyone. Our garlic slicer can slice garlic for subsequent drying or eating, our garlic slicer machine blade is easy to install and disassemble, the speed and thickness of the blade can be controlled by the machine control cabinet, it saves labor and has high efficiency and very popular and popular.
 Panorama of garlic slicerPanorama of garlic slicer
Machine characteristic
1. the food value and nutritional ingredients of the material can be ensured intact.
2. The machine is equipped with smart temperature controller.
3. the machine is safe and reliable, which ensures the safety of the operator.
 Garlic slicer blade is easy to install and disassemble
Product line equipment
 Garlic dicerGarlic belt dryer
Packaging and shipping
Our garlic slicer can also slice many kinds of fruits, vegetables and rhizomes, the machine can be controlled by the controller, the slice thickness and the speed of the knife can be adjusted, it can meet the various needs of customers, garlic slicer machine in India is well received and loved by customers.
 Transportation modes of garlic slicing machine
Our honor
Our garlic slicer machine have ISO high quality certification and EU CE certification, and appearance patent, reliable quality and stable performance, welcome to our factory test machine and buy.
 Customers of garlic slicer machineQualification of garlic slicer machine
Company profile
Our garlic slicer machine in India is well received and loved by customers, if you need garlic slicer, please send us enquiry or chat with our customers service, we will provide you more information.
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