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Tomato washing machine brings more efficiency to your vegetable cleaning work

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Tomato is one of the vegetables that we often eat in our daily life. In many large processing factories, we also use tomatoes as raw materials to make sauces and other foods. Therefore, washing tomatoes in large quantities is an indispensable step. How to quickly clean tomatoes in large quantities without destroying the tomato's skin, many manufacturers have chosen to use the cherry tomato washing machine to do the job.
tomato washing machine
The principle of this tomato washing machine is mainly to use the appropriate amount of water in the equipment box in the front part of the box. When the raw material passes through the box, it will be rolled under the combined action of the bubble machine and water, and will continue to follow the mesh belt. Before the advancement, at the high level, there is a sprinkler at the high end and high pressure flushing. It does not damage vegetables, and it saves time and convenience compared to manual cleaning, helping you to quickly increase production efficiency.
tomato washing machine
tomato washing machine

The cherry tomato washing machine is made of stainless steel and is durable and rust-free and deformed. The energy generated by the rupture of the bubble when it comes into contact with the object will have an impact and brushing effect on the surface of the object being cleaned. Clean the surface of the object and clean the object to be cleaned. Can be applied to a variety of vegetables and fruits, if you need a washing machine, please leave a message to us, our staff will reply you in the first time. 

tomato washing machine

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